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Hey, I'm Laurie 

Neuroscientist, biologist, system thinker 

I have a degree in biology and neuroscience. I'm currently head of research at Temporall, where I focus on solving people and organisational problems. I am also a senior research officer in sustainable finance at the Blockchain & Climate Institute. This includes exploring biodiversity markets, financial risks and opportunities related to green investments (bonds mainly) and ESG.


During my time at the University of Cambridge, I conducted research and led an environmental psychology project in collaboration with the Cambridge Conservation Initiative (CCI). This project aimed to investigate the connection between well-being and the environment. It was an enlightening, humbling, and a tad maddening experience. 

Human behaviour is the heart of making our pale blue dot a sustainable affair. It is no longer enough to focus on finding solutions for climate change; the greater challenge lies in motivating people to adopt and invest in these solutions. Fast. The shift towards sustainability represents humanity's most urgent, extensive and chaotic behavioural change initiative. So far, our socio-economic system, psychology and culture are resisting and ultimately failing us.

We have approximately 7-10 years left to reach a net positive equilibrium. The purpose of this blog is to help me (and perhaps you?) navigate the contradictions of living in today's world while maintaining a minimum level of sanity. It will serve as a repository for research, hope, fears, discoveries, and observations - embracing all the contradictions that this generation has been handed, including the joy, the absurdity, and the dread.

You can check out my CV here (including publications, talks, etc.) or connect with me on LinkedIn.  

Why Read?

If you routinely feel puzzled by the aberrations of life under climate change, from carbon to water consumption, from food choices to governmental policies.

If you have heard Barack Obama say “We are the first generation to feel the impact of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it

...and needed no time to let it sink in

If you have children and cannot bear that they might one day say

You knew and you did nothing

If you think history has its eye on us. 


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